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My name is Christina H. Kang, a medical Speech-Language Pathologist with specialty training in voice pathology. I am a Singing-Voice Specialist with classical training, and I have performing experience in dramatic theater, opera, musical theater, choral music, concerts, and recitals both domestically and internationally. 


My training in voice pathology includes a year-long internship at the Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Laryngeal Surgery & Voice Rehabilitation followed by a clinical fellowship at the University of Kentucky Voice Clinic under the tutelage of Drs. Joseph Stemple and Rita Patel.  In 2012, I was recruited to Mayo Clinic Arizona by Dr. David Lott to co-found the state-of-the-art Multidisciplinary Voice Program, which has been immensely successful since its inception.

I specialize in rehabilitation of vast array of hyper-responsive laryngeal disorders, and speech and swallowing function for Head and Neck cancer patients.

I am passionate about being a conscientious and mindful clinician, offering clients medically sound, evidence-based strategies they can rely on to thrive as their own advocate. I am actively involved in research and frequently present at national and international meetings on topics of voice and swallowing rehabilitation. Finding answers to clinical questions to better help my clients is the dominant motivator for my interest in research. Recently, I identified a new type of swallowing disorder that previously went undiagnosed (muscle tension dysphagia), and my published recommendations for treating this disorder are now widely adopted. I also have a strong interest in chronic pain and functional laryngeal disorders, and I have undergone extensive training in Pain Rehabilitation of Central Sensitization Syndrome to better assist my clients with these complicated problems. 


Teaching voice has always given me great joy. Even while working at Mayo Clinic, I always maintained a private vocal studio, and I also served as a lecturer in Undergraduate and Graduate Vocal Pedagogy at Arizona State University. I am happy to continue this focus in private practice.

All prospective clients for both voice/swallow therapy, and singing lessons must undergo an initial evaluation with me. 

Discounted plans are accessible to clients who have completed the initial evaluation and become a member of this site. Your information is not disclosed to a third party.

I look forward to working with you collaboratively.



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