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Welcome to the first blog post!

Updated: Jun 17, 2021


Social media can be a drag. I feel as if I am shouting into a void sometimes.

But here are a group of people who actually share similar interests, right here in my web community! At first I did not know how to approach a blog. I have never done a blog before. Being a blogger is a vulnerable profession! After much musing (about a year), I decided to use the blog format to share stories of patient care (HIPAA compliant of course), motivating moments in life, my own story in recovering from muscle tension dysphonia, what voice means to people, and what I have to offer to people who care to give me their attention, etc.

But I am not an attention hog, I promise!

Please feel free to comment, give me constructive suggestions on things that I can improve. After all, I need you.

I am not an island.

XOXOXO (Can I do XOXOXO in my blog? Why not?)


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Looking forward to your posts!

Mi piace
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